Aurora Borealis – Magical tranquility

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2-3 hours
Reykjavik Old Harbour
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Do you want to experience the majestic Northern Lights?

We sail from Reykjavik harbor every night at 21:00/22:00 far away from the disturbance of the city lights so that we can experience the glory of the Northern Lights to the fullest. Until April 15th.


  1. Book your ticket online, or call us on +354 462 6800. You can also stop by our ticket office in the Old Harbour, Ægisgarður 5-7, 101 Reykjavík.
  2. Dress in warm clothes, pack your camera!
  3. Stop by our ticket office to collect your admission slip for the tour.
  4. Sail away, sail away, sail away… and get experienced. We depart from the Old Harbour and the tour takes about two or three hours. We have a great bar on board where you can also enjoy some snacks.

Reykjavik Northern Lights Cruise

Across the Northern hemisphere the vividly coloured Northern lights are one of nature‘s most spectacular phenomena.

Since Northern lights only appear on high latitudes, Iceland is a prime destination for those who want to witness this seasonal spectacle. The intensity of Northern Lights activity is highest in the Arctic. North Iceland stretches out into the arctic, hence it is the optimal place to go.

Watching the Northern lights out in the Faxaflói bay on a still evening in the first-class comfort of our boat is an experience that will keep you enchanted for the rest of your life. Our Northern Lights Tour takes you out from the old harbour in Reykjavik city center for a peaceful and relaxing cruise where the ghostly green lights dancing across the night sky are the stars of the show.

  • “Used Ambassador for Northern Lights Viewing

    Ambassador took us on a northern lights viewing tour in Akureyri and needless to say, we are so glad that we went along. At our hotel, the Icelandair Akureyri, they recommended that we go out on a boat to see the northern lights because their forecast said there would be a good chance of catching them. Well, we listened and spent the $100 to go and have nothing but a lifetime of memories.

    We saw the aurora borealis in all the colors you can possibly imagine, dancing, bouncing and just at their best. It was a frigidly cold night, but the boat staff did their best to offer us blankets and let us go down to the bottom, covered deck to keep warm. It was a lovely experience and Ambassador made it possible.”

    LeHungryPlanet From Tripadvisor

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We are located in the red and white ticket office at the Old Harbour. Meet us there no later than 15 min. before the scheduled sailing time!

Tour fact sheet

  • Roughly two and a half hours
  • Five different watching platforms
  • 360° panorama from top deck
  • Commentary through on board sound system
  • Heated indoor cabin with toilet facilities
  • Comfortable cushioned seats & ample space
  • Light snacks, sandwiches, coffee, beer & soft drinks available on board

Schedule for Reykjavik Northern Lights Cruise
September – April each year

21:00 1st– 31st  1st– 30th  1st– 31st   1st– 31st 1st– 28th 1st– 14th
22:00 1st– 30th 15th– 31st 1st– 15th

Schedule for Reykjavik Northern Lights Cruise 2017

21:00 22:00
September    15th– 30th
October   1st– 31st
November   1st– 30th
December   1st– 31st
January   1st– 31st
February   1st– 28th
March   1st– 14th    15th– 31st
 April   1st– 15th
May – September

Pictures from our Northern Lights Cruise

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