Environmental Policy

Ambassador has formulated an environmental policy whereby the Company wishes to express a responsible attitude towards the environmental effects that are the result of the Company’s activities. Our environmental policy also includes a desire to work towards improving the Company’s work methods so as to achieve positive development in this regard.

At present, the environmental policy will be reviewed once a year and the results of environmental work assessed.


Ambassador ehf. will endeavor to protect and improve the environment by:

  • Studying, registering and assessing the environmental effects that result from the Company’s activities.
  • Meeting the relevant requirements set by the government and colleagues with regard to environmental matters.
  • Working towards constant improvement in environmental matters in cooperation with the general public, customers and the government.
  • Minimizing the environmental effect of the Company’s activities through actions that;
    • reduce pollution and waste.
    • encourage more recycling.
    • increase the importance of renewable energy sources in the Company’s activities.
  • Ambassador encourages its employees and customers to respect nature and act responsibly with regard to the environment.
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