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Explore the pristine waters of Akureyri fjord and its abundant wildlife on fast, stable and custom built whale watching boats


Whale watching in Reykjavik along the Faxaflói Bay is a great way to make the most of your visit to our fun little capital city


Throughout human history the Northern lights have captured our imagination creating myriads of stories, myths and art


We sail into the dark, far away from the Akureyri town lights to make the most of this majestic show


High-speed adventure trip on powerful RIB-boats. Breathtaking scenery in close contact with wildlife and whales


Grímsey is a gem on the Arctic Circle, only 25 nautical miles off the north coast of Iceland

  • “Stunning scenery, with whales!” I wandered in to the office and asked if they thought there was much chance of seeing whales that day. I was drily informed by a guide that the probability was between 99-100% so I booked and am so glad I did! We saw lots of minke whales and humpbacks, with some of the humpbacks coming very close to us....

    tea_n_see / Australia
    tea_n_see / Australia From Tripadvisor
  • “First Class Experience!”
    Today we went on their last whale watching trip of the year, they end now until next Spring. And what a way to finish! We saw minke and humpbacks playing and diving no more than 5 metres from our boat. For over an hour we watched and photographed these amazing creatures, seemingly oblivious to us being there.

    Andy-S60 / England
    Andy-S60 / England From Tripadvisor
  • “Unbelievable experience”
    We could not keep count on the many whales we saw, so close up that I felt like I could just reach out my hand and touch them. What an amazing experience. We were on a high speed boat so we could just follow the whales and get up very close again and again. We also saw the warmest waterfall in Europe. Excellent trip with nice details in addition to the main purpose of seeing whales. Beautiful view of the mountains surrounding the fjord.

    soleybs From Tripadvisor
  • “Close enough to touch the whales!”
    My husband and I did the speed boat tour on our honeymoon, and we had a fantastic time! We saw harbor porpoises, minke whales, and humpbacks so close that they sprayed water on us. Our guide Mary was knowledgeable and fun to have with us. I would highly recommend this your for anyone who loves beautiful views and marine life!

    Alex K
    Alex K From Tripadvisor
  • “Best excursion in Iceland for us!”
    We went whale watching on the extreme ribbed boat on October 22. Our captain Örn and our guide Anna were amazing! We were able to get up close to all the whales! It was an amazing experience! We saw about 6-7 different humpbacks and a few minke whales. It was so worth the money. I would really recommend the extreme boat tour because you can see the whales so well from the small boat and with just a few people around you. It is also fast enough to cruise over to a whale when you start to see it from far. I think this was my favorite thing I've experienced in Iceland!

    Allissa M
    Allissa M From Tripadvisor
  • “Used Ambassador for Northern Lights Viewing

    Ambassador took us on a northern lights viewing tour in Akureyri and needless to say, we are so glad that we went along. At our hotel, the Icelandair Akureyri, they recommended that we go out on a boat to see the northern lights because their forecast said there would be a good chance of catching them. Well, we listened and spent the $100 to go and have nothing but a lifetime of memories.

    We saw the aurora borealis in all the colors you can possibly imagine, dancing, bouncing and just at their best. It was a frigidly cold night, but the boat staff did their best to offer us blankets and let us go down to the bottom, covered deck to keep warm. It was a lovely experience and Ambassador made it possible.”

    LeHungryPlanet From Tripadvisor
  • “Stunning scenery, with whales We took a morning excursion on a RIB boat and were not disappointed. The staff were very accommodating. We had great weather, and the fjord was very calm. We first saw a minke whale at some distance. But pretty quickly came across a pair of humpbacks. I was surprised at how close they came to the boat as they fed – they didn’t seem too worried about us. Impressive creatures and a wonderful experience.

    plantaginea From Tripadvisor
  • “Stunning scenery, with whales

    Perfect for whale watching. Wear their overalls to keep warm. Crew knew where we had to go to see whales. I have brilliant photos

    SHEI999 From Tripadvisor
  • “Stunning scenery, with whales

    Lovely trip out on the water, dolphins swimming alongside us. Unfortunately we didn't see any whales, but I still enjoyed the experience

    Jazzybaby1308 From Tripadvisor
  • “Stunning scenery, with whales

    Very nice tour.. The sheer number of whales you encounter is exciting.. The winter suit provided is warm. Overall, highly recommended

    krgonline From Tripadvisor
  • “Stunning scenery, with whales

    I returned exactly one year later to experience again the whales of Akureyri. No disappointment, only more joy. The staff were wonderful, as usual. The especially knowledgeable Jerry was the guide on my extreme whale watch. Water was a little rough that day, but we all were safe and enjoyed the excitement of our adventure with the whales. I highly recommend whale watching while in Akureyri!

    drjg2017 From Tripadvisor

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