Custom built for whale watching

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In May we had the great pleasure of launching the „The Ambassador“ a world class whale watching boat custom designed and equipped for whale watching and nature excursions. The boat features six levels of viewing decks which means no crowding and plenty of freedom to move about from point to point to capture the scenes. Side decks are low and close to the surface of the sea to provide closeness and the best angle for viewing and photography.

It is fast, stable and safe which are key elements when it comes to ensuring comfort and enjoyment of passengers while maneuvering around in search of whales. To keep passengers informed where the whales and describe their behavior we have an on-board sound system that can be heard anywhere on the boat. Spacious heated inside cabins with toilet facilities provide first class comfort and the galley always has its shelves stocked light eats like snacks and sandwiches and a wide assortment of beverages.

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