Our Captains

For centuries there were only three professions in Iceland. Farmers, fishermen and housekeepers. Our captains trace their ancestors as far back as 700 years when it comes to men of the sea. They are truly professional and know how to interpret the motion of the ocean, not mention how to spot the whales. These men are serious whale whisperers! Just look at Captain Eagles friendly face. You know he knows his game.

Our Guides

Our highly experienced guides help to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the fjord‘s ecosystem, geology, history and folklore. They are friendly and helpful and really eager to answer all of your questions. So just ask them about anything!


Albert has been a captain for 35 years (yes he takes good care of himself). He has crossed the seven seas, been in charge of a crew of a hundred and fifty men, met pirates, sharks and of course whales and puffins whom he really prefers to sharks and pirates.

If Albert should spot a single puffin, sitting on a rock just minding his own business, he might just sail the whole way around him so that you can see the little guy from every angle and get a good photo! Just ask him nicely.